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Woo, our brand book is done!


Portrait of Arttu Tolonen
Arttu Tolonen

Communications Lead

We got our brand book done! We found that it was hard to catch the idea what the book should be like because examples are poorly available, so here is ours: http://www.futurice.com/brandbook.pdf. Hopefully this is useful to others.

The book has three purposes:

  • To show the origin of our brand
  • To clarify Futurice’s brand essence and brand personality
  • To provide brand guidelines for our communication

Here is how the brand story goes:

Three engineers walked into a bar...

It all began with a few engineering students doing what they do best: creating interesting things through clever coding. This small group of friends had a passion for using the latest technology to create smart, convenient, and exciting solutions to everyday problems.

They were devoted to their creations and felt a sense of real ownership and responsibility for what they made and what it could do. Satisfied clients spread the word about the new, resourceful, and down-to-earth player in the market.

One engineer said...

The friends were excited to realize that the approach that they offered – fresh, unpretentious, clever – was one of the main reasons that people wanted to work with them.

They figured, “Let’s get this going. Let’s make it happen. But let’s promise never to get stuck on the corporate conveyor belt.” They wanted to stay inspired – to run a flexible, thoughtful, outward-looking business, not a code factory.

To get the best results they realized they’d need to create multi-talented teams made up of all sorts of skillful and gifted people.

When the engineers left the bar...

...they took a few friends with them, including, down-to-earth artists from the school of art and design, entrepreneurial businesspeople, and energetic individuals from all sorts of fields. Futurice emerged out of its modest beginnings and into the corporate world.

New, young, gifted students – not just engineers – start at Futurice every year: we take on people who are energetic, eager to learn, and who aren’t jaded by the industry.

Our roots are in engineering, but we see our engineers as designers, sculptors of ideas, and social architects. And regardless of our backgrounds, we’re all working together to engineer a new future with our customers.

They started a journey...

And it’s getting more and more interesting.

Because for Futurice, software design is not just about solving immediate problems, it’s about positively influencing the bigger picture for our clients. We want to provide options, broaden horizons, change mindsets, and give our clients new tools and new perspectives on the way they operate.

At the ten-year mark Futurice had around 150 employees and a global client base. Our designs continue to incorporate sensitivity and human understanding, and consider all angles of the user experience.

We consider the social impact of the designs we create, and we trust that intuitive design will stimulate renewal in the tech-driven engineering world.

But they stayed in touch with their roots.

While we continue to grow, and the future’s looking fantastic, our down-to-earth attitude and entrepreneurial spirit never changes.

Our capacity to constantly evolve, adapt, and evaluate our own work practices to better serve our clients makes us an eternal start-up, no matter how big we grow.

So, how many engineers (and their friends) does it take to change an industry?

We don’t know yet, but we’re dedicated to finding out.

To read more, download our brand book at http://www.futurice.com/brandbook.pdf

What is your own story? :)

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