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What made me stay?


Anni Knutin

HR & Communications Specialist

When I started at Futurice three years ago as a part-time assistant, my plan was to only stay for a little while. My goal was to finish my literature studies within a year and look for new challenges from my own field of study. I graduated as planned, but never left Futurice.

Why was this? Was it because of money, a sense of security, or a lack of courage to change jobs? Good guesses, but all wrong. The real reason hit me while I was rereading an article that I wrote last year for an English magazine called HR Review.

My article, which was published this spring, is a case study titled “The decision to trust boosts performance”. It is about how and why Futurice fosters individual decision making. Reading through the article now, I was happy to notice that even though some practices have changed – after all, we are a lean and constantly evolving company – and the company has grown, our values have remained the same.

If I need to pick one, my favorite Futurice value is trust. Trust is all about people. Trust is born between individuals and doesn’t exist by itself. It is the ultimate glue that keeps an organization coherent and working towards same goal.

Because of trust, I feel that I've been able to develop myself and am able to constantly find new challenges – challenges that I long for. This development has a huge motivational effect, and is one of the reasons why I still love working here.

You can find the full article here: “The decision to trust boosts performance”

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