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FUM is an user management system for LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). FUM makes it easy to handle information about your employees, their projects and servers they have access to. LDAP is a good protocol for user management, but it needs an user-friendly layer on top of it. One of the strengths of FUM is that it gives the users a lot of freedom over their data.

Ville Tainio

Software Developer

“How many times have you needed to wait for IT to take care of some tiny task, wishing you could just take care of it yourself? Within Futurice one of the cornerstones of our culture is trusting our colleagues. One of the ways we have implemented that trust is allowing people to just add most rights to themselves in FUM, thus saving both them and IT some time and effort.

I use FUM just about daily. It’s a very nice tool for creating and removing users, resetting passwords, managing access rights to projects and servers, handling mailing lists and whatnot. Of course we always hunger for more features and integrations, but it’s pretty darn nice as is.“

-- Leena Romppainen IT Specialist @ Futurice

Profile view from FUM.​ Profile view from FUM.​

FUM is integrated to LDAP but it has its own database as well. This reduces interaction with LDAP and allows easy storage for extra information related to employees.

FUM also has an API which allows to pull information about the employees easily and integrate it to different services. For example, for Facegame we pull the information about our employees directly from FUM with the API. We’ve also implemented a changes feed, which is a websocket that syncs any changes in real time, a feature that is missing in most similar implementations. The websocket also allows integrations of different services, for example gitlab to FUM. The API makes integrating internal tools more convenient.

FUM was open sourced as a part of our program called the Summer of Love. You can find the source code at GitHub.If you have any questions, comments or feedback about FUM or about the program in general, please contact us by email at sol@futurice.com.

While FUM was the last contribution for Summer of Love, we will still post insights about the program and what we are going to do in the future related to open source.

Stay tuned for our final post for this summer!

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