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Elisa Saarni

TET intern

Hi All! 

My name is Elisa Saarni, 15 years old girl in 9th grade, and I’ve been at the Futurice Helsinki office for three days in TET (familiarisation with worklife). I play floorball and I love reading and writing. I’m interested in economics and I’d like to study it in the future.

After elementary school I’d like to continue in high school. TET is a program of experience working in a real job during middle school in Finland and Sweden. You can choose and apply for your job independently.

I applied to Futurice because I’m also interested in graphic design and IT. I’ve always wanted to see closely how they work together.


At Futurice, I’ve packed Christmas gifts for children, made breakfast, combined chairs, filled fridges and was enlightened how to make a great application. The enlightenment taught me a lot and now I know how to write a reasonable application. Before TET, I couldn’t combine chairs; now I know how to do it!

If you are looking for a TET job, you must remember that the application means a lot. Remember to tell who you are (how old you are, are you student) and what do you like to do at the workplace. It would be nice if you could also tell what kind of person you are.

Are you fast learner, smart, hardworking, good listener, brisk? You can also tell what kind of interests you have! Remember to tell the employer your contact information, your working history and what time is your TET period!

In my opinion TET is absolutely important thing for youngsters, as well as internships and summer jobs. TET is very eye opening and teaches what people actually do at their workplace. After TET, a youngster may stop to think what he or she would like to do in the future. The person may also understand how the society really works.

The experience working in a real job teaches more than sitting in the classroom. I hope that TET would be more of an international program.

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