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Summer of Love (of Open Source)

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Over the years, we at Futurice have benefited so much from the open source community in our daily lives. We've decided that it's now time to give something back. Instead of just talking about how great the community is, we want to contribute to it. That's why we're starting our Summer of Love program.

Ville Tainio

Software Developer

Summer of Love is a program where we will open source some of our in-house developed support systems. My role for the summer will be to modify and document software to meet open source requirements. I’ll also keep you guys updated on the project and hopefully I can share some ideas and thoughts with you.


What is to be expected?

We have a lot of cool support systems that were created because there weren’t any other solutions (at least any as good for us) out there. Like most open source projects, these systems were created to address real needs. Now that we have solutions to these needs, we want to share them with you! We will publish some great software that can hopefully benefit many developers/companies.

Our ultimate goal for the summer is to do good things and see these projects come to life in the hands of the open source community. Hopefully we will get some feedback or maybe even some improvements to the systems. In the end, that is the great power of open source.

We have learned that many of the systems published as open source in a code dump model have been unsuccessful in creating any kind of impact, so as a company we are trying to learn how to get developers involved and other companies excited about open source projects. This program is our first step in contributing to open source.

We have in-house systems ranging from FaceGame and Taxi-Post to our own user management system.

Why open source in-house support systems?

There are many reasons why we think this is the right thing to do. First of all, we have state of the art systems that we want to share with you, so that you don’t have to implement them by yourself. Secondly, we love feedback! We'd love to hear your opinions about the systems so that we can make them better. Thirdly, we want to hire the best people. We believe that some of the best engineers are among the ones who are involved in open source. We are always very interested in finding out what kind of contributions people have made and now is the time to contribute as a company as well.

One of our goals is of course to make our employees proud of working at Futurice. Many of our people support the open source movement and when a company shares the same values as its personnel, usually good things happen. Contributing to open source will make everyone happy, but most of all, it's just the right thing to do!

Where can I follow this?

We will update the progress of our program in this blog during the summer. We will also give you short introductions to the systems being published. Remember to follow this page to keep in touch with the latest projects. We'd also love to hear some feedback about the program, so feel free to contact us. We will also publish an analysis of this program after the summer, when we have more insight into the process, resources and other relevant things.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please let us know by email at: sol@futurice.com

Have a great summer!

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