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Portrait of Arttu Tolonen
Arttu Tolonen

Communications Lead

A good festival app is hard to come by. And when you find one, you want to hold on to it, year after year.

Together with Fonecta, we've designed and built the official Ruisrock festival applications for the past 2 years. The apps have had all the basic functionalities that you need for a festival: a schedule, map, band information and a general FAQ. The very essence of the app is the schedule*, where it's easy to mark your favourite performers and receive notifications when their gig is about to start. It's a pimped digital alternative to the traditional paper handouts given out at every festival – the same handout you find in your bag the following day, all creased and sweaty.

This year, Fonecta is no longer an official sponsor of the event. That's normal; sponsors come and go. However, Fonecta knew how important the app had become to festival-goers, and decided to keep the experience alive by open-sourcing the mobile applications. We knew this wouldn’t happen in time for this year’s festival, and thus decided – together with our colleagues, friends and Ruisrock – to design, develop and publish the official Ruisrock 2013 festival apps during our free time. The app is published on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

After this year's event, we will help Ruisrock publish all source code on GitHub where the code will be available to developers around the world. So heads up, everyone: next year, you can help take the Ruisrock application to the next level. You can be a part of the process, be it from a design or implementation viewpoint. Or you can create a new festival app for another festival based on Ruisrock's offline-friendly robust app. All the basic components are already in place.

A huge thanks to Fonecta who made this possible, to Ruisrock who asked us to help and all the people involved with this year’s project.

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