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Olli Jarva

Senior Software Engineer

We just released a new version of our public status information! Our previous version was a Pingdom public status page (available at old.status.futurice.com), but we ended up wanting to share more – and, of course, it should be faster and look better. We truly believe transparency brings shitloads of good, and this is yet another way to show it. For example, do you want to know what is the status of our printers? Or number of tickets IT team handled?

The new version uses many new technologies to make it better: application cache for instant page loads and offline usage, localStorage for faster page loads and storing data for offline usage, EventSource for instant updates when new data is available, web notifications for alerts, good looking charts using SVG canvas. Not everything works in every browser, but SVG support is the only mandatory part (and site works without that, just without charts). All the data is stored in Redis, which provides a very fast and persistent in-memory database.

There isn't any reason to not to release the source code, so here you have it. It's licensed under the MIT license, and the license document lists licenses of other components included in the repository. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the site, installation is rather complicated. Installation steps are outlined here. Feel free to use, fork and improve.

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