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Anni Tölli

Account Manager, Consultant

Hello Mikko Viikari! You made a presentation and participated as a panelist in Talentum’s seminar of “HR bisneksen ytimessä” a few days ago. What did you talk about? I told about Futurice’s philosophy and agile enterprises in general. The way things are organized at Futurice: trust in employees; team organization with everybody close to customer and no separate sales people; game-like reporting; internal communication with yammer, basecamp and such; Futu-bonus system that shares a lion share of company profits to its employees; company breakfasts, ask-the-CEO-half-an-hours and FutuExpo demo sessions…

Sounds like Futurice. :) What did you want to say to your audience? My goal was to get people excited to think about their daily business from new perspectives. For example, using game-like ways to organize project reporting which we have tried here at Futurice with project statuses in digital screens. I think it is important to make up easy, simple solutions that fit your organization instead of just blindly copying others’ best practices.

What did you learn from the seminar? I think listening to different people’s ideas and perspectives and getting inspired by them was the best that I got from the seminar. But I also learned that measuring success in HR is important despite its difficulty. Employee satisfaction questionnaires are a quite easy way of getting measurable indications about the success of HR but also other metrics are needed. Metrics make things more concrete.

Concrete. You just told about the digital project status screens that are used at Futurice. Are they a concrete example about concreteness? Yes, definitely. With making project budgets visible to everyone makes project success concrete.

iPhone or bicycle? Bicycle. Yesterday again, I got to enjoy the awesome sea view when biking through Karhusaari and Lehtisaari. I love it.

Thank you Mikko. And great choice that bicycle. Kilometrikisa (www.kilometrikisa.fi) starts tomorrow and I think you will be a member of team Futurice!

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