Lean Startup and Management 3.0 courses!

Lean Startup, Management 3.0

I've been busy working on something I find very exciting - Lean Startup and Management 3.0 courses! And they are happening in mid-November. Here's the full schedule:

Jason Little

from Canada is coming to visit us and we decided to share some of his knowledge with others. I got to know Jason in 2011 when we met at

Agile 2011

in Salt Lake City. I was intrigued by the work he had done as a Product Owner in a local company, using his Agile experience and mindset. Instead of adding new features, he realised the value was in removing unnecessary features and making the remaining features easier to use. The customers were already using just a subset of features anyway. I'm curious to meet him and hear how the work continued from that.

I'm sure the PO experience has played a part in his deep interest in Lean Startup, and maybe even contributed to his winning a Toronto Lean Startup Machine weekend competition. So I'm very excited at getting a shot at whatever he can help us with. At Futurice, we share the mindset, but we're never done with our own learning, so I see this as a way of giving us structure and further learning to our ways of seeing things. What are we doing on this course? Chech out this



The Management 3.0 course more for our managers (yes, we do have managers, too, though they don't operate the same way as many traditional managers :) ). While I'd be surprised if they already didn't share the mindset, I'm absolutely certain each one of us can take something out that experience. And of course, if there are people who want to join us, welcome! In addition to the course learnings, you get to meet and talk with our people in a very informal setting. :)

Plus, of course, you might want to show up at

LESS 2012

in Tallinn earlier that first week (12-14 November). Jason will be talking about how Lean Startup isn't just for startups, while the topic for Tuomas (and I as a sidekick) is about trust and transparency as foundations to an awesome workplace. Jason's session is on Tuesday at 15:00, while we talk on Monday at 14:00. Come over, check us (and so many other interesting topics) there. And come say hi.