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Roughly five years ago, I started working at a software consultancy company. I immediately felt that we are capable of doing great things. The feedback on what we did and how we worked was positive – from both customers and employees. At times we even dreamed about making the world a better place by creating amazing digital services. Our smallish size seemed like a major obstacle: what kind of impact could a 100+ engineers, designers and business people really have?

Yrjö Kari-Koskinen

Principal Consultant

That company is Futurice. Most of the companies we competed for gigs and customers with were very similar. We had similar ideas about corporate culture and valued trust and transparency. We felt that they, too, were trying to change the world. There was talk of how these so-called new school of IT companies could co-operate to make a difference, but it never progressed beyond initial discussions.

Fast forward five years. When some people from Reaktor reached out to us in April 2015 with the idea of trying to promote good ways of working in the IT industry, it felt like the right thing to do. Their idea was to cooperate with us to create a competition and gala event for IT industry. We immediately agreed that to make our message credible, we need a larger group of companies.

Just visiting a competitor’s office and seeing a glimpse of their workspaces was pretty exciting and provided a lot of food for thought. We could learn from the way they worked, too. Soon we noticed that we have many tools in common and we’ve already learned from each other without even knowing it.

Manifesto ideation One of the very first ideation sessions

Discussing what we wanted to change in our industry was easy. We rapidly iterated our thoughts into a manifesto: Better Digital Services for a Better World. Next, we invited 8 other companies to create together an organization called Better Digital Services. All of the invited companies joined us and we are now organizing the Blue Arrow Awards competition together.

The competition selects the best services, teams, people and code in digital industry in 7 categories. The entries opened this week and are open until March 27th. The awards will be announced in a spectacular gala event on May 26th. Consider what would be your category. Join the competition. Give us the opportunity to present your work to the world so that others can learn from it. And remember to learn from the others.

Let’s make it together – let’s make it big!

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