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20-01-2016Innovation & Design

Healthcare is undergoing major changes spurred on by, but not limited to, technology.

Mirkka Länsisalo

Culture Advisory Lead, Service Designer

Digitalisation is changing the way we think about health, what taking care of it really entails, our personal role in healthcare systems and the way we interact with technology in the context of health.

In many ways, we are entering a post-institutional age of increased personal responsibility, which presents healthcare service providers and other players in the field with major opportunities and great risks. Technology has the potential to empower people and help them become more active in the management of their and their families’ health. This will change the relationship of the patient and the caregiver in profound ways.

We see ten major trends steering healthcare’s digital future. Briefly:

1. Empowered & Informed Patients

  • Shared decision-making. You are the CEO of your own health.
  • High expectations for involvement and engagement with healthcare.
  • Far from being cost drivers, empowered patients are an integral part of a sustainable healthcare system!

2. Resource Scarcity & Cost Cuts

  • Doing more with less.
  • Costs will decrease as care transitions from capital intensive to remote monitoring.
  • ITaking better care of the patient is more important than generating more revenue per patient

3. Self-Service Express

  • Meeting people where where they shop, live, work, play.
  • Affordable prices for on-the-go services as a part of prevention and wellness protocols.
  • Online tools, mail order.

4. Looking for a Better Experience

  • Patients as consumers expect convenience regardless of location.
  • Offering a natural and convenient fit for health and fitness-oriented visits.
  • Carefree and smooth health information exchange and delivery network.

5. Open Innovation

  • Networking, collaboration and partnering.
  • Consumers as producers and co-creators.
  • Open innovations break down silos and are likely to be created locally.

6. Fun = Engaging

  • Drives prevention by changing behaviour.
  • Engages, motivates and boosts social status in a fun way.
  • Educates in telehealth programs.

7. Care Tech

  • Wearable sensors collect data without interfering with our daily lives, helping us make better and more informed decisions.
  • Collected and shared data improves quality of life and enables better care and security.

8. Mobility

  • Feel cared for and connected.
  • Inform and be informed, reach and be reached.
  • Millennials are major drivers of healthcare disruption and will demand the healthcare system offer them convenient mobile and digital tools.

9. Who Cares

  • Patient, family & healthcare provider share and coordinate the patient’s medical data and history.
  • Instant interaction between family and care providers guarantees a smooth and flexible experience.

10. Humanized Tech

  • How do I feel?
  • Get educated about a healthy lifestyle.
  • Personal needs and preferences are fulfilled.

If you'd like a more in-depth idea of how we see these trends and their impact on our lives, download our presentation or an article that includes a few example cases from around the world.

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