Futurice Scrum Club - Day 1


12 participants, one seasoned trainer and important and interesting topics, brainstorming, grooming, prioritization, mind games, group discussions, experiments. What is this all about?

Portrait of Arttu Tolonen
Arttu Tolonen

Communications Lead

We believe we know agile pretty well, but there are many things we need to learn to understand it better, use it more efficiently, and to be more valuable to our customers and to our company. We decided to put up a year-long programme to dig deeper into the subject. Monthly workshops coming up.

What is Scrum Club?

In true agile style we don’t show up to the first day of Scrum Club with a full agenda set out for us. Instead the instructor leaves it to us to define the expectations, goals and ways of working.

To define the purpose of Scrum Club, we tried out an exercise called product box. Participants divide into small groups of four, and design a product box to answer the question “what would this program look like if it was packaged like a cereal box?”. The front cover would contain the name and sales pitch. We ended up with products like “Sleep well CIO”, “Agilenator 3000” and “Scrum Club”. Catchy front slogans were “value pack” and “why?”. Like a cereal box, the sides contained ingredients, instructions and warnings.

The agreed urgent items. June's topic will be retrospectives.

What can you expect to see from us in the future?

We don’t want to be locked in an exclusive club with no visibility to others. So you can expect to see a blog post after each of our Scrum Club days, and look for tweets with the tags #futurice #scrumclub. We’ll also be trying out interesting techniques, and since June’s Scrum Club theme is scrum retrospectives, don’t be surprised if we try out odd experiments in this regard also.

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