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Futubileet 2012


Olli Jarva

Senior Software Engineer

Last Friday, our Helsinki office was the venue for the annual Futubileet, our yearly "home party". It's a party arranged by our employees - with a little help for catering and security - for friends, family and customers. We had a fantastic time and want to thank all our guests! Random trivia: during 10 hours of partying, we - around 700 people - consumed about 200 bottles of sparkling wine.

During the party, we ran surveys on the tablets we had on the walls. Because transparency brings shitloads of good, we decided to publish the survey visualizations and guest arrival times. Also, anonymized datasets are available for download too. If you do something cool with the data, feel free to send us an email or contact us on Twitter!

We aim to continuously improve everything we do. This year, we had a new process for guest registration and arrivals. Earlier, one of the most common comments was that it was difficult to find the host at the party. We decided to improve this by sending an SMS to every guest, welcoming them to the party and giving them a short personal entrance code. At the lobby, we had a coat check and a stand where guests were asked to enter their entrance code. After entering the code, the host got an SMS message informing them who had arrived. Most of the time, employees had enough time to walk to greet their guests while guests were enjoying the elevator ride upstairs, with sparkling wine and Tuomas, our CEO, as a bellboy.

On the technical side, we sent SMSes using Clickatell and alphanumeric sender IDs. In practice, this means getting a message from "Futurice" instead of a phone number. Clickatell was cheap and quick to setup, but reliability was not as good as we hoped - about 5% of the messages failed, and a few arrived up to two days later. At the lobby, we had an iPad running a custom web page designed to make entrance as easy as possible. Next year, we are planning to improve the registration and entrance process even further.

Please, help us improve Futubileet by giving us ideas, feedback and comments. Feel free to leave comments even if you didn't participate in the party.

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