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Portrait of Arttu Tolonen
Arttu Tolonen

Communications Lead

Futurice was founded on a few ideas: no useless bosses, constantly being able to develop oneself, and to have fun at work. After ten years, we have extremely happy customers and a good business, and we are at the top in job satisfaction. The goal of the Great Place To Work survey was not to compete with others, but rather to benchmark ourselves with other great workplaces to obtain information on how to become even better. The #2 position on our very first try is a very good result and even better when you look at the other cool companies on the list. Every current and former Futurice employee has a part in this, but I would like to say special thanks to Lenita, Lotta, Mikko and Tuomas for their determined work. But this is just one step on our way to becoming the most wanted employer in the IT sector globally. Sounds daunting? It should. The road will be full of exciting events, obstacles and really awesome possibilities for everyone to participate and grow. One of our main key drivers at Futurice has been totally open communication inside the company. Our HR team will start to blog about our ways of creating and sustaining the work atmosphere. Stay tuned.

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