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Breakfast briefing: Utilizing the fast changes in the mobile space to drive your business



Portrait of Mathias Calonius
Mathias Calonius

Site Head, Munich / Partner

This breakfast event covered several interesting topics of the mobile space. What should I know about it? The event had good attendance and very positive feedback. The goal was to give the audience useful guidelines for utilizing the mobile dimension in their business, discuss how the market is evolving and what is essential in mobile services. The case studies presented were from the biggest mobile cases in the Finnish market and gave really valuable real facts about what works. Based on the feedback we achieved these goals.

The main points from the three presentation in the event were:

Futurice presentation on the bigger picture in mobile by Ville Saarinen

  • The soul of a smartphones is different from the good old “phone”. Making phone calls is just one application among all the other applications.
  • The smartphone is the first real PERSONAL computer.
  • The landscape of the smartphone penetration is changing rapidly. Almost all the phones topping the sales lists are smartphones nowadays.
  • The mobile user’s context is very important: the time and the place
  • Design the service based on the mobile context, not based on what you are already providing on the web.
  • The market positions in the mobile space are currently distributed among several players, but for how long?

    Sanoma presentation about their mobile approach by Juha Hotti

  • Try out (and fail) fast and you will know what to do. The laggards will be overdriven by the faster ones.
  • User experience is everything, all the time. You have to provide quality service every time or you will loose the customer.
  • The use of digital services is fragmenting to different channels and they each have their own place in media consumption.
  • The focus in development is in four platforms: iPhone, Android, Symbian and Windows Phone. The mobile web serves the rest.
  • The road ahead is still long and winding.

    Itella case study of a major field force mobilization project by Sami Harjamäki

  • The basic postal business is going slightly down. Process improvements can provide extended life for the business and create new business opportunities. The renewal of the process through mobilization was seen as the way to go in this case.
  • The new, smartphone solution should be put into use in a real environment as fast as possible. Piloting gives excellent feedback when striving for the most productive approach.
  • Usability is very, very important to new process success.
  • The indoor-outdoor working environment is challenging in respect of the solution. The temperatures and lighting conditions vary greatly. The delivery people also have gloves in their hands. For these reasons, the pilots were done in severe conditions. The results have been rather good.
  • Remember, when choosing the partner, that they provide not only resources, but also their specific competencies and the drive for the project.
  • The production launch will be in phases, to lower the risk and ensure the success. The solution will affect the work of over 3000 people.
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