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A kick starter for sharing: Futurice's culture audit


Portrait of Hanno Nevanlinna
Hanno Nevanlinna

Director of Culture, Service Innovation Coach

As was mentioned in my previous blog post, we started a campaign last month to encourage companies in Finland to share their best practices on how to build a healthy work environment full of happy, motivated people.

The feedback has been great – the message seems to have hit a nerve, and people have been sharing tips and tricks. But this is just the beginning, both in Finland and abroad. We are constantly reminded by the media how, in order to support our future society, the retirement age for current workers will need to be increased – maybe even dramatically.

In order for this to be possible, we need to make sure that workers are healthy, both mentally and physically. Tips and tricks are a great start, but what is needed is a more dramatic change to the overall foundations of how companies and their cultures are built.

We have decided to publish the culture audit that was submitted to the 2013 Great Place to Work survey, which resulted in our second #1 European workplace position. It is a manual that explains practically all of Futurice's practices in the fall of 2012.

We hope that this guide inspires others to make even dramatic changes to the way that they operate, leading to healthier employees in the long run. Unfortunately, the guide is currently only available in Finnish.

If you're an English speaker and wish to hear more, feel free to contact me at hanno.nevanlinna@futurice.com. You can find the culture audit below. We have also decided that we will not be participating in next year's Great Place to Work survey.

The framework they use really is an effective tool that can be used to develop your company culture and practices, and the survey is an easy way of benchmarking your workplace with some of the best in the field. Participation during the last three years has been very valuable for us.

However, the survey's metrics no longer help us to find areas to develop. Since Futurice scores very highly on most of the metrics, there is a risk that we start focusing on changes that only improve work-life for a handful on individuals, not the company as a whole.

We are currently developing other ways to make sure that we never stop improving ourselves and our ways of working. We hope that you find content of the document thought-provoking. And as always, feedback is very much appreciated!

Find the Futurice_CultureAudit_GPtW2013.pdf

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