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LSC HANDBOOK Summer 2016

LSC Toolbox v 1.4

Our Lean Service Creation (LSC) methodology: a design process, set of tools, and a handbook that combines the best practices of service design thinking, the Lean Startup, and agile development.

What makes this process so special? We have iterated and validated the tools and the process for the past two years. We have used it in over 40 commercial projects, in tens of training workshops, and also in university design teaching. We also use the methodology in our own projects, in our internal training, and in doing our business. It wraps into one set our company’s 15+ years of expertise of creating digital services.

And we decided to make it all publicly available to anyone and everyone.

Our Philosophy

Digitalisation is very much about a change in thinking and doing. A substantial change in the ways organisations must get things done: leadership, project management, reward systems, and making work meaningful and transparent. Have a look at how we present the changes happening and how to adapt.

Case Helsinki City Museum: seven day service creation.

With right people, empty days in everyone's calendar, and our Lean Service Creation toolbox we were able to create a new service concept for Helsinki's next main attraction. Check out the video on how together with the Helsinki City museum we succeeded in doing typically a one month project in seven days.

Case Helen: Transforming the Innovation Culture of a 100-year-old corporation.

Helen (formerly Helsinki Energy) has traditionally produced electricity, heating, and lately also cooling. How to make a 100-year-old energy company as agile and fast as any mobile start-up these days? How to turn a production-driven utilities company into a service-driven company that listens to its customers?

Lean Service Creation training - Case Helsingin Energia from Futurice on Vimeo.

Training Packages

The rapid digitalization requires a new take on how new business is created and managed. Design thinking, agile development, and traditional business planning can no longer be separate: the speed of change is too fast to have separate approaches.

This need for speed forces organizations to fundamentally change their working culture, their thinking, and old habits. Our Lean Service Creation methodology takes the best practices of design, user-centric approach, lean working, startup mentality, and puts them together into a set of tools, practices and actions.

One-day Crash Course

"Absolutely the best and, in a good way, the toughest training day this far!" (anonymous feedback after our training)

In a single day you will create a service concept that includes defining business goals and customer segments. You will meet and interview real customers and brainstorm ideas based on that. You will refine the ideas and create value propositions that you will turn into prototypes. You will plan a customer journey, estimate market size and create a business model. You will plan the next steps (the MVP) and your key metrics, and you will start planning your sales. All this in 7 hours by using our LSC toolbox and spot-on facilitation.

"The speed! You can get so much done when you have a structure to follow, and don't get stuck." (anonymous feedback after our training).

1-3 month Co-Creation Program

Once the right people have the right tools and skills innovation and success follows. Right? Not always, unfortunately. Typically the leadership model does not encourage risk-taking, strong silos within the company stop progress, and perhaps the top executives don't know what kind of glass walls people daily bump into.

Our co-creation program is tailored to fit your organisation's needs to infuse a new lean way of thinking and doing. The program is a combination of thinking frameworks, handy tools and doing real life work around your business while we coach and support you. Together with you, we will redefine your new service creation processes along the way. The end result is that you will have newly energised teams, a new way of working and a actual new business starts.

"The LSC program gave our concept managers excellent tools to harness creativity into new business innovation. Also, perhaps most importantly, it motivated and empowered us to build a more customer-centric and innovative working culture in our organisation.”  Maiju Fernelius, Head of Mail Services, Posti Ltd.

See the video above how we transformed Helen's innovation culture.

Why Futurice?

We have for 14 years created successful digital services. We are also the only organisation in Europe that has won the Great Place to Work award twice. During these years we have constantly made a big effort to learn, learn, learn and not to settle for the status quo. And we have realised that success is as much about the company culture as about the tools and knowledge. In our LSC training we bring together our experiences of building a successful company culture and actually creating successful digital services.


The coaches are Hanno Nevanlinna, Risto Sarvas and Juha Pesonen, who together represent a ridiculous amount and variety of knowledge and experience in service creation.

Hanno Nevanlinna is one of the founders of Futurice. He has been leading Futurice from a four-person start-up into a successful 300+ person company, and he was the HR director when Futurice won the Great Place to Work European award twice. Hanno has personally been in charge of several successful digital services, and in addition, worked as a consultant on hundreds of projects with our clients.

Risto Sarvas is the only person in Finland who has been awarded as a researcher, a teacher, and a service designer. Before joining Futurice in 2011, Risto made a career as a world-class researcher at Aalto University, where he still teaches service design and social media. Risto's courses constantly receive high praise and ratings from the students, and in addition to receiving awards for the courses, he was nominated by students as the teacher of the year. The past five years Risto has worked with tens of clients and supervised over hundred design projects. He was the head of design at Futurice before starting the innovation culture business with Hanno.

Juha Pesonen, A humanist by heart and inclination, Juha has worked on hundreds of innovative and demanding B2C and B2B projects, putting his concept and UX design know-how to use in helping major European companies thrive in a rapidly changing business environment and weather the disruptive storms of mobile technology and digitalisation.
His perspective is informed by his deep understanding of human behavior and passion for finding ways to combine the physical and the digital to create meaningful user experiences that fulfill both user and business needs.


For more information, contact:

Hanno Nevanlinna Director of Culture, Service Innovation Coach
+358 50 337 4037
Risto Sarvas Service Designer, Professor, Company Culture Engineer