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Principal Designer — Help shape the future of Design

Our work as designers is more than ever about designing a future for our clients as opposed to designing a service or product which, at best, affects the client’s future. 

Everything and everyone is a touchpoint, if we want it to be. Freed from being stuck behind a screen’s sheet of glass we have moved to a state of true integration of us, our environments, our tools and our interactions with them. Whether virtual, augmented, conversational, or audible. This represents the largest shift in our recent professional life times. 


About you

At Futurice design is an approach, a mindset. A way to solve problems. To make the most of this role you are a professional with 15+ years of experience in design, or a closely related field. You may even have transitioned from the role of a designer to that of a strategist, analyst or advisor (and maybe back again). The fact that you love problems and view design as a problem solving tool is a given, as is the fact that your work is people-driven above all.

You are equally comfortable presenting to and discussing opportunities with international C-Suite level professionals as you are connecting with and working with their customers regardless of their needs, socioeconomic background or experience levels. You are often referred to as a natural leader thanks to your poise, humility and integrity. You make the people around you better, by showing and doing.


The work

As the most senior designer in Finland (one of our – currently – four countries of Finland, England, Germany and Sweden) you will be tasked with bringing the best from, and to, each location. 

You will support the Futurice Design Directors in meeting local (city) needs and ambitions in terms of focus, talent, and sales and do the same for our colleagues working in other competencies/areas such as Tech, Advisory, Data etc. You will collaborate closely with Futurice's Global Head of Design to create cohesion within the wider Futurice and bring together people and competencies in the spirit of One Futurice.

As a Principal Designer you have an international remit and work collaboratively across markets with the other Principal Designers, on client accounts that span our existing and new markets and on “special projects” aimed at audiences within or outside of Futurice.

The Principal Designers and Creative Directors jointly analyse shifts and movements in the world around us, and make sure the things that matter are brought in to Futurice. This is done in close cooperation with similar roles across other areas of Futurice. Topics we actively track include urbanisation, travel, finance, media, fashion, logistics, architecture, commerce and culture.


We are ready for you to...

  • Bring and share a wealth of design and strategic business knowledge to the Futurice Design Community

  • Build upon your core belief that no skill exists in a silo

  • Comfortably take on the role as a vocal and knowledgeable champion of One Futurice

  • ...and of design as a problem solving tool

  • Shepherd client's and potential clients toward a successful collaboration with Futurice

  • Always act with humility, empathy and confidence

  • Maintain your existing speaker schedule

  • Invest a relevant (and fluid) amount of time in delivering on the role as a Principal Designer, as well as support our most forward thinking clients in their work


About Futurice

Futurice is a new breed of innovation consultancy with digital at its core. We are owned by Futurice’s original founders and the people who work here. Currently there are more than 400 of us in London, Helsinki, Stockholm, Berlin, Munich, and Tampere. This includes talented people who understand lean startup mentality, design thinking mindset and agile ways of working. We don’t like to limit ourselves to a particular domain or technology. This allows us to solve complex business challenges for our clients in a multitude of business areas, including financial services, media, automotive, energy and technology, just to name a few. Every problem is as unique as the people for whom it’s an issue and the people solving it. In order to help our client organisations to imagine, envision and lead the transformation of the future we need a versatile team of talented people who are up to this challenge.


Get in touch

At this stage of your career you have spent a lot of time formulating a view on what design has the potential to be over the next few years. In your cover note, please do share these thoughts with us. And please include links to your own writings, presentations etc. on the subject. We look forward to getting back to you during the first week of August.

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For more information, contact:

Jaan Orvet Global Head of Design