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Lifecycle developer

Do you care and develop?

  • Do you enjoy all aspects of developing existing, meaningful software regardless of programming language or operating environment (and know well some of the most useful ones, like Java, C#, SQL, Linux, and AWS)?

  • Are you able to improve software and systems (maybe even architectures, development processes, or business models) to new levels of quality and usefulness?

  • Are you honest and kind to your customers and colleagues?

  • Would you love to learn new things at your own pace?

  • Would you prefer a permanent team sharing a room and a diverse and evolving bunch of customer cases?

  • Do you wish your work would contribute to the world at large?

So do I.

At the same time I would also love to have more time to assist my colleagues with their long-lasting customer cases in our “small-scale” development team, Futucare. Currently I am investing my time in seeking great people to join us in our efforts — when I’m not tinkering my next board game, kindly sponsored by Futurice’s spice program.

Grow with us!

Come be my colleague. You will be appreciated as well as given responsibility and freedom to grow. Take part in our successes (of varying sizes and shapes) and laughs (of varying loudnesses, up to eleven).

Tell us who you are, and where you are heading at. Describe what you already know, and what you will learn next. You might also want to take a look at our five steps to a great application for more inspiration. If you join us, we will celebrate.

Looking forward to meeting you in person,

Kalle Hallivuori
Futucare team member

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For more information, contact:

Kalle Hallivuori Futucare Team Lead
+358 41 505 3073