Onboarding into Futurice

Onboarding supports you to become a part of Futurice's work community, culture and values. Our goal is that after onboarding you feel like a true Futurice employee who is proud of what we do and committed to work like our “smart-and-get-things-done” kind of people do. Onboarding helps you to get to know your colleagues and build a strong social network around you. A thorough introduction to your work tasks, role and expectations drives you to get the most out of your talent and work as a valuable member of your Tribe.

Onboarding into Futurice starts already before you start. We introduce you to our company, its culture and values first time during recruitment process.  Before your first workday, you will meet our HC (“Human Capital”) and IT for going through practicalities ensuring a smooth start. You will also receive your onboarding plan and schedule beforehand.

During your first workday, you will meet some of your new colleagues, have an introduction about the company history, values and future goals by our CEO Tuomas Syrjänen and get guidance from HC team to employee benefits, occupational health care and other employment related topics. You will also start onboarding to your Tribe and go through your work duties, role and expectations with your supervisor.

Onboarding continues with HC introduction, IT introduction and culture introduction. HC team introduces you to HC processes, professional development opportunities and tools, work safety and well being related topics. IT team introduces you to their team, IT policies and systems. In culture introduction you will learn more about our culture and values.

In addition to the first days onboarding, we arrange a big onboarding event for new employees every three months. We invite new employees from all sites to these events that gives you a great opportunity to meet your colleagues also from other sites. During this onboarding camp you will get wide introduction to Futurice vision, goals, customer promises, our ways of working, things we do in Futurice, our market position, our competences and company’s financial figures. Furthermore you will hear real-life examples and best practises from our world-class customer cases and competences. 

On top of the official onboarding events, we also organize a bunch of free time activities from new employees' night to football club. By participating in events and activity clubs, you can easily get part of our joyful work community and find people with similar interests. 

All in all we think we have a great onboarding and hope you get the most out of it!